EPIC® ASC axial screw contact

Для изоляторов и модулей прямоугольных электрических соединителей EPIC®

Axialer screw contact for high current module modul EPIC® MH 1 250A, suitable for cross section from 35mm² up to 70mm², service-frendly connection without any special tool.

  • EPIC® ASC contact as an alternative to the crimping contact.
  • Axial screw contact for assembly with low-cost tools.

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Артикул ОбозначениеОписаниеШтук/ед. упаковки
44423397EPIC® ASC SSEM AG 35-70mm² D=10.0mmштекер10
44423396EPIC® ASC BSEM AG 35-70mm² D=10.0mmгнездо10

Области применения

  • Axial screw contact that can be freely rotated in the high-current module simplifies assembly, prevents torsional stress and thus ensures contact reliability between contact and wire.
  • Assembly of the contact outside the module enables visual inspection of the connection and thus eliminates the failure potential of insufficient overlapping between contact and wire.
  • Silver-plated contact surface for low contact resistance and minimal heat generation at the contact.


  • Axial screw clamp technology allows service-friendly connection without special crimping tool, saves costs and is suitable for removable connections.
  • Simple conductor connection by means of hexagon socket and open-end wrench.
  • Only one axial screw contact required for conductor cross-sections from 35 to 70 mm².
  • Axial screw contact can be used in existing high-current module as an alternative to crimp contact.
  • Connection of the high-current module with axial screw contact ensures maximum safety for the user due to contact protection.

Переходное сопротивление

  • < 0.3 mOhm

Допустимые сечения жил кабеля

  • Crimp termination: 35 mm² ... 70 mm²


  • brass silver plated CuZn / Ag

Количество разъединений

  • 500

Tемпературный диапазон

  • от -40 до +120 °C

  • Фотографии и иллюстрации представлены не в точном масштабе и не являются точными до подробностей иллюстрациями соответствующих изделий.