Drum cart

Mobile cart for transporting, storing and unwinding cable drums.

The drum cart can be extended to accommodate four additional drums using an additional mounting.

Артикул Обозначение
85001631 Drum cart


  • Mobile and flexible storage solution
  • Transport and easy unwinding of several drums on operation site

Области применения

  • Транспортировка, хранение и сматывание с кабельных барабанов


  • Mobile cart for transporting and storing of eight drums
  • Pulling and steering of the cart by means of a drawbar
  • Suitable for drums with a width of up to 420mm, a flange diameter of 400 and 500mm and a flange drilling of 80mm
  • Equipped with braking spool axis (Ø 25mm) with centering crowns
  • Optional available: Brakes for spool axis (Article 85008082)


  • L=1250mm, W=1100mm, H=1150mm

Общие данные

  • Weight (without drums): 90 kg
  • Max. load: 400 kg (50 kg per drum)

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