Being organised is essential. With our product case for SKINTOP® ST-M cable glands with a component insert and transparent lid, you always have the right thread size at hand. Thanks to its robust design, integration in vehicle equipment systems and the snap-in system for combination with other cases, it is perfectly suited for assembly use.

Артикул Обозначение/РазмерØ F mmКоличество
53110050SKINTOP® ST-M L-BOXX (SGY)-1
53110051SKINTOP® ST-M L-BOXX (LGY)-1
53110052SKINTOP® ST-M L-BOXX (BK)-1


  • Inset for loose components ensures optimum organisation and prevents mixing of the items.
  • Case made of light and robust, shock- and impact-resistant ABS plastic.
  • Intelligent snap system allows quick connection, combination and disconnection of cases, saving time and energy during transport.
  • Easy integration in vehicle equipment systems of numerous manufacturers.
  • Transparent lid allows a perfect overview even when closed.

Области применения

  • For safe transport and storage of SKINTOP® ST-M cable glands (sizes M12 to M32).
  • Especially for assembly use, e.g. on the construction site.


  • Two robust locking mechanisms ensure a secure closure.
  • Case can be refilled with standard packaging units.
  • Mounting instruction and locknut included.


  • SKINTOP® ST-M M12 / 50 pieces
    SKINTOP® ST-M M16 / 50 pieces
    SKINTOP® ST-M M20 / 25 pieces
    SKINTOP® ST-M M25 / 25 pieces
    SKINTOP® ST-M M32 / 5 pieces
  • Counter nut SKINTOP® GMP-GL-M included

Классификация ETIM 5

  • ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC000441
  • ETIM 5.0 Class-Description: кабельный ввод с резьбой

Классификация ETIM 6

  • Обозначение класса ETIM 6.0: EC000441
  • Описание класса ETIM 6.0: Кабельный ввод

Поставляемые цвета

  • RAL 7001 серебристо-серый
    RAL 7035 светло-серый
    RAL 9005 чёрный

  • Фотографии и иллюстрации представлены не в точном масштабе и не являются точными до подробностей иллюстрациями соответствующих изделий.